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Lawrence M. Hansen

Artist / Owner

Born and raised in a small town in Minnesota, Lawrence was encouraged by his parents to express himself through drawing and painting. After high school he gave up a full college scholarship to travel the world in search of experiences to incorporate into his art. Since then he has traveled through more than 30 countries, including Fiji, Australia, Peru, Bali, Morocco, and Costa Rica. His mediums range from oil paint and gouache, to pencil, and airbrush on fabric. His subjects have included landscapes, portraits, wildlife, images of the Earth, and mandalas, among many others. Much of his work now revolves around reggae music, providing posters, CD cover art, and stage art for many bands and festivals. He has been married to his wife and partner, Kym Yumiko Hansen, since 1981. They live, work, and play in Northern California.

Kym Y. Hansen 


kym hansen avenue of the giants
kym lawrence 2022.jpg

Kym is a native Californian, but has lived in many different places, including Washington, Alaska, and Vermont.  Although her favorite medium is colored pencil, she also works in acrylic paints and with glass mosaics. She loves illustrating all types of animals, and unusual animal relationships.  A self-taught artist, Kym is also a yoga teacher and a registered veterinary nurse, and her close work with people and pets in intense emotional situations has helped her to recognize the amazing bond they share. She strives to illuminate the inner essence of animals and how it connects to the human spirit.

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